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i feel like such a cow i only threw up 3 times today i just dont feel like im losing weight liek i was before probably bcuz i broke both of my arms and its been hard 2 get bak into cheer and exercise. i have lost three punds since like last week but its not enough. im gonna try exorciseng more and making sure i get every meal as much as i can. im starting 2 figure it out but how do u know if really got evryhting>?
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I remember throwing up three times a day, every day, muy badness. I suggest trying to lessen your purges, it'll stimulate weight loss and your body's natural equilibrum.

Funky bulimia fact:
long term bulemics usually carry around 10lbs of scar tissue inside their bodies; it develops around the heart, stomach, and esophagus to protect said membranes from eroding. Sometimes, when I'm stretching I feel a tight pull--almost like a lump--in my stomach. I'm pretty sure that's the scar tissue, since scar tissue doesn't stretch. I hope to get rid of it someday. :