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New Here

hi evry1
ive been mia for about 4 1/2 months now and i need sum support cause from all but one of the ppl who have foudn out are syaing stop and i need sum support wiht this. history- ive been ana in the past for 7-8 months and also compulsive dieting alot on and off. ive been consistant though with mia though. i see myself as fat im told im not but im not a skinny as i want to be im unhappy with my body and mia seems to work.

ne1 have ne advice- i think i scratched the back of my thorat yesterday from throwing up how do help the situation i hurts to swallo and open my mouth and im a cheerleader and have a game tommrow my thorat is just reall sore in genral does ne1 know how to help that>?
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Hmmm, can't give you any tips on getting that person off your back, but at least you know they care, pain in the ass as they may be.

I suggest a chloraseptic throat spray... you can get it at any Wal-Mart/drugstore. It numbs your throat for a little while. It's a godsend when purging a lot/sick. It tastes kinda funky--like cough medicine, but the taste wears off really fast as your throat (and tongue, sometimes, depending on how much of the spray gets on it) go numb. Keep it on you because it only lasts about... I dunno, 15 minutes. You kinda have to use it constantly, but it's fairly cheap.