LisMarrella (littlemisslis) wrote in miss_mia,

new here...

...let me just start off by saying, i have no idea what i'm doing.
My name is Elisabeth.
Im a sixteen year old girl, from Toronto Canada.

I was diagnosed with bulimia a month ago - yesterday.

I've secretly battled with it since I was twelve, but more than ever in the last 9 months.

My stats are 5'1 and I'm 120 pounds. A shame really. I had myself down to 109 3 weeks ago. But I went on a cruise and it's been all downhill from there.
Life has been really fucked up. I'm not a naive bulimic, nor do I consider myself like a lot of the girls who wind up here.
Tell me if you feel this way>>
I know what I'm doing to myself. But I like it.

I think more than anything I'm just looking for someone who can relate. This is the only place I seem to find comfort. In the people who understand it all best. I need to find someone. Especially now. 
             I hate being so f*cking fat.
I have so much more to say...but it's late. and the keys are waking people up. Feel free to check out my private from BEGINNING to END. it makes more sense that way.


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