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New...purging help?

Blah. I'm new. 15 years, my weight has been a struggle my whole life. I've always been chunky, but in 8th grade I got totally sick of myself and started eating around 500 cal a day. Kept it up for an entire 6 months straight, not sure how, but lost 50 pounds. Then it was summer and I promptly gained 40 of it back. I've been fluctuating since then, I hate myself, I feel like a gigantic cow, I AM a gigantic cow. I'm 5'4 and 170, which is just disgusting. I hate myself. I'm fatter than ever right now and I'm just sick of it. I overeat way to much, I have no control and I hate it. I started purging recently, but it's difficult for me. i love how it feels, how it makes your eyes water and the way it forces the tears to stream down your cheeks, but I'm having problems getting much it. It takes me a long time, and for every like...3 times I gag, only a little bit comes up. I don't feel like I'm doing much. I've tried everything...different amounts of fingers, a toothbrush...I don't know. What I want to know is if anyone else has this problem, how long it usually takes for the purgers here to feel like they've got "everything" out, and if anyone has any tips for me...
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what is mia??? i can't find it anywhere and i'd like to know a definition or info on it or something if anyone can help me?? please? thanks, btw i'm a recovering ana .. love to all you
<3 Lor
mia means bulimia
what is mia??? i can't find it anywhere and i'd like to know a definition or info on it or something if anyone can help me?? please? thanks, btw i'm a recovering ana .. love to all you
<3 Lor


binging and purging
or just purging
Drink a lot of water inbetween bites of food, and use color markers (foods that are diff. colors) so you know when you are getting close to being done. The method I find most effective is taking 2 fingers and tickling the back-top of your throat. Hope I was some help =) For more tips go to:
i use 2 finger and rub them against my tounge back and forth but now i just bring my fingers up to my lips and i purge.
um drink alot of water b4 u try i really helps
For about a year ago I asked the same question here at LJ and I got some advices and someone who told me to stop right there and then before it went to far - well I ignored those people something I regret sooo much today!! You probably won't listen to me either because I know how it is feeling the way you do, but please believe me when I say that things will just get worse if you make binging and purging into an habit. At least try to be restrictive - eat healthy and exercise, it just hurts me to see another one be a victim for mia :(
Good luck hun
Ally ***
I agree. Though I developed my ED long before 'pro ED' hit the internet, but regardless, I didn't listen to the few (ie therapists) who knew and warned me. I had a heart attack last year. Heart attack at 19. Bulimia is so glamorous OMGZ RITE???


January 12 2009, 21:22:59 UTC 10 years ago

thank you for posting this! i've been trying to vomit for so long now. i'm really trying to lose weight, so recently i stopped eating all together. but i got my appetite back ): and now i'm eating kind of normally. so i've been excersizing like a fiend. but i've been wanting an easier way to get rid of all those extra calories! so i've been trying to purge, and i've felt like such a failure. i couldn't even make myself puke ): but i just switched my diet up a bit.. i've been eating soft foods and drinking tons of water lately! and i just started vomitting literally like 2 minutes ago for the first time. i don't know whether to be happy or not..
I'm not even sure how to respond to this because I'm a bit of a mess right now. I started trying to purge my food last year and I was not very successful at it either. I felt like such a failure. I remember the first time I purged, I thought, "wow, that wasn't so bad." I purged a bit for a while and then I realized I shouldn't be purging and I stopped. It was so hard to do. Now, instead of purging, I restrict my diet and it's been good because I've lost a lot of weight, but I know it's not healthy for me. I've been going to a therapist for the past couple of months trying to fix how I view myself and food, but I'm not sure if it's helping. I purged for the first time in six months a couple of weeks ago and it's been a struggle ever since. I just purged tonight after eating brownie batter and I feel disgusting. I wish I hadn't opened up the "purge bug" again because now all I can think about is when I'm going to purge again. I understand that it can feel "good" to get rid of what you just ate, but I encourage you to talk with someone about why you feel the need to purge your food. I'm not sure how "recovery" is going for me, but at least I have someone to talk and be accountable to, which is more than I had before. Maybe you could use someone to lean on so you don't get into the vicious cycle of bulimia. I'll be thinking about you--let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Try ice-cream, it is really easy to purge. And dring some warm water before.
what makes it easier is to chew food untill its really mushy and dring water after bite or after every couple of bites then to purge u (well i stand up its easier and just bend over a bit and put in my left hand on my stomach and kind of push it in and i run the water and with warm water i wet my 2 fingers on my purging hand and stick 2 fingers down my throat and kind of wiggle them and the food should come up easy enough) but this will only happen easy for you if you chew your food lodz and drink lots of water.:) hope i helped.

P.S if i find the food hard to come up in the bigining i jump up and down for a while until i can feel the food start to come up its self.

xXx love to all :)
its 10 at night - i just purged after downing 4 peanut butter sandwiches with butter, 2 glasses of milk, about 100g of almonds and a scoop of ice cream.

I'm sorry, i know that in just describing the details of my own lack of control only makes u think more about your own food obsessions, which won't help. But it feels so good to know that there are ppl out there who know wat it's like...

I eat more and more every night. Every meal. Probably because i think that it's ok, i can as much of anything as i want, because i can just get rid of it all straight after- theres no way to get rid of it all. Just eat what you burn, then wait until tomorrow. I don't understand why I do it-i mean, i kno i want to be perfect- Who doesn't, right? I want to be model thin. Because for some reason I'll only be happy if I have that, even though I know its stupid. I know its vain and shallow and just so stupid. But i still do it, and I can't stop. And i hate it.

It doesn't work. I've been doing it for a year and sure u lose a few kilos in the first month, but u gain a shitload more afterwards. The more often you purge, the more you binge, and the more weight you gain.

My stomach is still full of segments of the crap i mindlessly shoved down my throat. Sometimes I cough up blood. I'm tired every day. I can't even think about school. Nothing else matters except food, food, body, me, food, and getting rid of it. My throat aches. I just pretend that i'm getting a cold and my friends don't ask about it.

But it's stupid. It's pointless. It kills, on the inside and out. Bulemia is a motherfucking bitch. Remember that.
Yeah, I usually try not to eat so I am not forced to purge. Because sometimes my purge won't come up at all. This is because if you do it so much, your body refuses you to continue. I usually wait a couple days before I HAVE to binge/purge. I usually drink lots of milk before and after I eat something. I usually eat something that's easy to purge like ice cream, apples, fruit, cereal, cookie w/milk. Some foods that you should stay away from: chips, bread(hurts coming back up), rice, beans(too mushy to get everything back up), chocolate, and pineapple. Instead of eating, I ask a friend to go out or go do something productive such as homework, cleaning, video games, Sims 3, draw, and if you think of eating just remember how sexy Megan Fox is and one day you'll look like her. That's all! (:
It's only 11:12 AM and I already just purged most of what I ate of a bunch of white chocolate peanut butter, chocolate crepes, mini biscotti cookies, triple chocolate mini cookies and banana nut Cheerios. I went into the bathroom in the cafe next door to the magazine I intern at and I'm pretty sure the cafe owner heard me puking.

My eyes feel like they're going to pop out of my head. I keep thinking about how I'm going to restrict again and go on a diet or SOMETHING but then there I am again, stuffing my face, barely knowing what I'm shoving in it. I hate this D: