xxoxxoxxo (xxoxxoxxo) wrote in miss_mia,

i need some help asap

so i am supposed to be a member of a nude show in about a week and i need to lose as much weight as possible before then. i realize i'm not going to look like a completely different person within a week's time but i need some improvement if you know what i mean.

also what kinds of exercises work well for inner thighs?
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Oh wow, a nude show? That's gotta be harsh on the self-esteem department. Lay on your side, prop yourself up with one elbow and rest the other arm comfortably, straighten your leg, and lift it up as high as you can, hold it for five seconds, and then lower it back down on top of your other leg. Do about ten reps, then switch positions and do the other leg. I think that might help. :) Muscle exercise=always good.