unspokenmisery_ (unspokenmisery_) wrote in miss_mia,

first post

i'm not sure what to write here. i just joined this community a couple of days ago. i guess that i can say that i'm very disappointed in myself right now. i wanted to do a fast to take a break from my b/p cycle (i have a cold and my throat is killing me even more than usual) , but it only lasted 2 days. i have no willpower whatso ever. i feel awful. hope everyone had a better day than mine.
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Oh god, I know how it feels. Ignorant people who don't know anything about eating disorders think saying 'Just stop throwing up' suffices, but they really don't know anything. It's never that easy. Two days is a lot better than what I've been doing. I already lapsed this morning. I suggest an over-the-counter chloraseptic throat spray. It'll numb your throat for a little bit. I've used it when sick/doing excessive purging and it's a godsend. I hope you get better soon! BTW--plain chicken broth (no noodles or anything) is really low calorie and it is the perfect medicine.
i know, so many people dont get it. ive been dealing with bulimia for a year now, it started right when i went into high school. at first i felt like it was the best thing that ever happened to me i was getting thinner looked good, eventually it caught up to me my skins pale and my hair is thin and looks like straw i look like shit..feel like shit..its a never ending battle tho and i havent told anyone. i cant stop im trying to make myself but i cant do it its actually impossible