Oye Vey (fatskinnybitch) wrote in miss_mia,
Oye Vey

newbie to this community.

So, I have a problem.

The other night, after binging on a ton of low carb spaghetti, I purged as much of it as I could. I didn't want to, but my body was telling me to.

From the moment I started throwing up, my face seems to have broken out in this ugly rash. My eyelids were severely swollen (and still are quite a bit). In fact, my eyelids even have this nasty looking rash type thing on them too.

This has never happened to me before. I'm a bit worried. Was this reaction a direct result of the purging? Or is it something else that just appeared as a result of the stress of the purging? Has this happened to anyone?

I look like a freakin' monster...
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One things for sure, I wouldn't eat any of that immitation spaghetti anymore, whatevers in it sounds like some mighty fucked up stuff!

Maybe you just got a bad batch, but.. whoa. Thats the harshness.

Besides... Low carb pasta? Who're they kidding?
How hard were you trying to purge? If you force it too much that can happen. It can result in burst blood vessels in your face (which is a dead give away of bulemia). Try exercising a little before purging. Jumping jacks or jump roping works really well, because it sort of shakes you up. And drink water until you can't help but throw up. Not only does it make it easier, it tones down the acidity a bit.
just wondering if you had seen this... i was trying to post this in yor ana community there so you guys could see it and maybe comment on how junkie's are acting like you have no right to have your ana live journals...
a bit hypocritical eh...
ck the link at the bottom
2004-12-08 14:39 (link)
not a member of this community... but i just thought i would let the anA community know that the JUnkie community has their best interests at heart!

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that happened to me before. its just because you strained too much and the blood vessels in your head may have popped. that happened in my EYE before. its not a big deal, like it can't harm you but it looked gross. after a week or two it goes down....sometimes hours later, depending on how hard you tried...

if you gage a lot and are like REALLY coughing, the pressure causes this to happen. next time try a toothbrush or something, its easier, to me, and its faster. just a tip.

add me?


December 25 2004, 03:08:16 UTC 14 years ago

happened once to me,didn't know it was cuz of that but within two days it was fine
I've had it happen before too. Sometimes, when a person is really emotional and flushed and hyperventilating it'll happen too. That's how I passed off a burst blood vessel in my eye before--blaming it on a fight I had with one of my spice. :P
Pasta is the hardest stuff to get rid of. Lol! Drink lots of milk (to tone down the acid), and mush up ice cream (I put cookies in mine b.c. it gells in all together). About as much as you ate of spaghetti. It'll all come out in a much less acidic mass, rather than in short, harsh, veein-popping bursts of stringy stinging.

I'm sorry that happened, btw.